The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (2024)

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Philippa Eilhart is a character that is continually referenced in The Witcher 3. As Radovid's former advisor and the source of his hatred toward the Lodge of Sorceresses, her actions have a lasting impact on the setting. While she may have seemed little more than a background character, the quest Blindingly Obvious brings her back to the forefront.

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Triss and Yennefer, trying to reform the Lodge, set their sights on finding the missing sorceress. The former manages to track her down, though she needs Geralt's help in ensuring her safety. Chasing a sorceress is no small thing which is where this guide may come in handy.

Helping Triss

The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (1)

This quest is connected to Final Preparations, which has Geralt and his allies preparing for a decisive confrontation with Eredin and the Wild Hunt. To start this part of the story, talk to Triss on the Chamelon's second floor. It is Dandelion's tavern, in Novigrad.

Triss will be furious with Geralt thanks to his involvement with Ciri's revenge mission prior to this quest. While the game presents you with three options and a limited time to answer, there are no consequences for each choice.

She will focus on the task at hand, explaining that Phillipa has been stuck in an owl's body and had been owned by none other than Zoltan. As fate would have it Zoltan had lost her in a card game not long ago. You will need to help Triss track her down.

A cutscene will play, teleporting the two of you to a secluded fountain suitable for Triss' magic. The spell works, showing the pair that Phillipa is at Dijkstra's bathhouse and in the grasp of someone who despises her.

Storming The Bathhouse

The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (2)

With no time to waste, Triss will lead Geralt to the bathhouse where you can hear Phillipa laying waste to the people inside. Dijkstra, already in a foul mood, tells Triss to stay outside. You can disagree, though Triss will willingly comply.

You will have to fight Dijkstra's mind-controlled men as you rush toward the runaway sorceress. These enemies are your usual run-of-the-mill swordsmen that will not take much effort to defeat. Make your way to the other end of the bathhouse and take the ladder down.

Don't worry about pulling your punches; Geralt will not kill any of Dijkstra's men. They will survive whatever you throw at them.

The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (3)

After taking the ladder, you will fight a handful more men before coming face-to-face with Bart. If your interaction with the troll in Count Reuven's Treasure was any indication, he is as harmless as they come.

He will confront Geralt, compelled to follow Phillipa's orders to block the way for any pursuers. You will have a chance to convince him to let you pass. For all of his good intentions, Bart is easily fooled. Tell him that you want to help Phillipa to have him peacefully stand down. The alternative would be to kill him.

If you do decide to kill Bart, make sure to use Ogroid Oil to improve your damage against him. Unfortunately, you will not receive any useful items from killing him, making it a wasteful endeavor.

Confronting Phillipa

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With the coast clear, you will need to run through the sewers to reach Phillipa. She is in a large chamber, standing on the second floor. Unfortunately, her natural suspicion has her summon a fire elemental in an attempt to stop you.

The fire elemental is not much more than a road block for Geralt. It is predictably, vulnerable to Elementa Oil. It is most dangerous when alight, increasing its damage and adding a chance to set Geralt on fire. These flames can be doused by Aard or a Northern Wind bomb. Just make sure not to set it on fire. That will strengthen the flames.

Defeat it and run up the stairs to restrain Phillipa. Without her eyesight, she will not be able to run further. When you get close enough, a cutscene will play, ending this section.

Completing Blindingly Obvious

The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (5)

With the rogue sorceress in tow, you will need to convince Dijkstra to let her go. The former lovers have a storied history in the worst way, with Phillipa sending assassins after Dijkstra.

You have two options here, either telling him what the Emperor is after, or shoving him aside. The former will lead to a diplomatic resolution, with the spymaster agreeing to let Geralt go and opening the door to one of the game's most important storylines, Reason of State.

Be aware that choosing to shove Dijkstra aside is a massive understatement. It involves Geralt punching Dijkstra in the face and breaking his remaining leg. You may be misled by the tame description.

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The Witcher 3: Blindingly Obvious Main Quest Walkthrough (2024)
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