List of S4HANA Credit Management Reports, Tables & Some issues we faced in our recent S4HANA Implementation (2024)

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The Intention of the blog is to provide a handy guide for S4 HANA Credit Management Reports, Tables, some issues we faced in our recent S4HANA 1809 implementation for a client and their resolutions to help you.

S4H Credit Management Reports

These reports can be accessed via the Fiori launch pad or in the SAP GUI via T-codes. Here are the most commonly used important reports provided by SAP Credit management in S/4 HANA:

  • Credit exposure list report: UKM_MALUS_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_MALUS_DSP)

The report provides detailed information related to credit limit utilization as per the input criteria provided and contains BP details, credit limit, credit exposure and utilization (both in amount & in %)

  • Credit profile report: UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_MASS_DSP1)

  • Credit profile report: UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_MASS_DSP2)

UKM_MASS_DSP1 is for displaying the credit master data related to Business Partner(s) whereas UKM_MASS_DSP2 is for displaying the credit master data related to credit segment. Both the reports provide similar information in output related to BP, segment, credit limit set, calculated limit etc.

  • Payment behavior summary: UKM_VECTOR_DELETE (Tcode: UKM_VECTORS)

This report is used to display (in test run) or delete (actual run) the credit payment summary behavior as per input data for BP, Credit segment and contains information such as dunning level, credit due amount, time stamp, payment due date, Sales, arrears and collections

  • Manage Documented Credit Decisions: ALV report (Tcode: UKM_MY_DCDS)

This report provides information pertaining to Document Credit Decisions (DCD) vis-a-vis unique case ID, credit analyst and person responsible, category and reason, escalations if any

  • Credit exposure by categories: UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_COMMITMENTS)

This report provides the detailed information as per input provided with respect to BP for total credit exposure across all sales documents and credit exposure category types ** as of date

  • BP master data: UKM_BP_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_BP_DISPLAY)

This report provides the detailed master data list as per the inputs provided and contains information pertaining to credit limit, calculated limit, limit requested, dunning level, amount, time stamp, credit utilization and exposure , score and check rule

  • Credit check log display: UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY (Tcode: UKM_LOGS_DISPLAY)

This report provides detailed log related information for the credit management functions

  • Credit data mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_UPDATE (Tcode: UKM_MASS_UPD1)

  • Credit data mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_UPDATE (Tcode: UKM_MASS_UPD2)

  • Credit data mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_UPDATE (Tcode: UKM_MASS_UPD3)

  • Credit data mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_UPDATE (Tcode: UKM_MASS_UPD4)

These reports are related to mass update of credit data and sends information to external credit information agencies and can be run in simulation (test run) as well as actual (update run).UKM_MASS_UPD1 sends and updates credit information, UKM_MASS_UPD2 sends and updates score, UKM_MASS_UPD3 sends and updates credit limit while UKM_MASS_UPD4 sends and updates check rule related information. They all carry certain similar information related to BP, rule, score, validity, credit limit in the output

  • Display mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_EXTRACT_READ (Tcode: UKM_MASS_SHOW)

  • Correction report for wrong credit values-UKM_RVKRED07/RVKRED77/RVKRED88*

* These are basically executed to update the credit liability values for the given set of credit account and credit control area per object type (VBAK/LIKP/VBRK) and liability category wise (100/400/500)**

UKM_RVKRED07 is used to both simulate and create/update the actual runs for all kind of the sales documents only

The difference between UKM_RVKRED77 & UKM_RVKRED88 is that latter is used for simulation of values (test run) while the former can be used both for simulation as well as actual creation


100- Open Sales Order not yet delivered and invoiced

400-Open Deliveries not yet PGI and invoiced

500- Open invoices (created) but not yet passed to the accounting

Important S4H Credit Management Tables

The most important Tables for Application including master and transaction data are:

  • UKM_DCDOBJ : Credit Management Link to DCD Case

  • UKM_TRANSFER_AR : Data from AR for SAP Credit Management

  • UKM_TRANSFER_ARV : Data from AR for SAP Credit Management

The two main table for SAP FSCM CM or Credit Management are:

  • UKM_COM_0C : SAP Credit Management: Commitment Categories

  • UKM_PI_SGM0C : SAP Credit Management: Segment Data

SAP Credit Management Customizing is stored into the following Tables

  • UKM_COM_0T : SAP Credit Management: Texts for Credit Exposure Categories

  • UKM_KKBER2SGM : Assignment of Credit Control Area to Credit Segment

  • UKM_PI_SGM0T : SAP Credit Management: Description

SAP FSCM CM Application Tables

  • UKM_B_W_LIST : SAP Credit Management: Simple Black and White Lists

  • UKM_DCD_ATTR : Attributes of a Documented Credit Decision

  • UKM_EXT_GUID : Credit Management: Line Items

  • UKM_ITEM : Credit Management: Line Items

  • UKM_ITEM_SEQIN : Credit Management Line Items Inbound

  • UKM_PM_BALANCE : SAP Credit Management: Liability Totals

  • UKM_TOTALS : SAP Credit Management: Liability Totals

  • UKMBP_CMS : SAP Credit Management: Credit Master Data for Partner

  • UKMBP_CMS_SGM : SAP Credit Management: Master Data for Credit Account

  • UKMBP_VECTOR_IT : SAP Credit Management: Credit Segment

  • UKMCASEATTR00 : Attribute of Credit Case

SAP FSCM Credit Management Control Tables

  • UKM_CHCK_CRSGM : Credit Segment-Dependent Checks

  • UKM_CHCK_FIELD : Fields for Check Parameters

  • UKM_CHCK_RULE : Rule for Credit Check

  • UKM_CHCK_RULE0T : SAP Credit Management: Name of Check Rule

  • UKM_CHCK_SGMPAR : Assignment of Credit Segment Parameter to Individual Check

  • UKM_CHCK_STEP : SAP Credit Management: Assignment of Check Rule : Check

  • UKM_CHCKST_PARA : Parameters for Credit Check


  • UKM_CHECK_STEPS : Value Table for Domain UKM_CHECK_STEP

  • UKM_CRLT_RULE : SAP Credit Management: Rule for Credit Limit Calculation

  • UKM_CRLT_RULE0T : SAP Credit Management: Rule for Calculating Credit Limit (Texts)

  • UKM_FORMULAS0T : SAP Credit Management: Formula Texts

  • UKM_INFOCAT : Info Categories

  • UKM_INFOCAT0T : Texts for Info Category

  • UKM_INFOTYP : Info Types

  • UKM_INFOTYP0T : Texts for Info Types

  • UKM_LIMIT_RULES: SAP Credit Management: Rules for Calc. Score and Credit Lim.

  • UKM_PROV_RULE : SAP Credit Management: External Provider Assignment

  • UKMATTRPROFT : Text Table for the Attribute Profiles

  • UKMCOMM_TYPES : SAP Credit Management: Liability Categories

  • UKMCRED_SGM0C : SAP Credit Management: Segment Data

SAP FSCM Credit Management Basic Function Main Customizing Tables

  • UKM_BL_REASON : SAP Credit Management: Reason for Locks in Credit Management

  • UKM_BL_REASON0T : SAP Credit Management: Reason for Locks in Credit Management

  • UKM_CUST_GRP : Customer Credit Groups

  • UKM_CUST_GRP0T : Texts for Customer Credit Groups

  • UKM_DCD_APPR_CAT : Define Approval Process (Doc. Credit Decision)

  • UKM_DCD_AUTOSTAT : Automatic Status for Closing

  • UKM_DCD_CASETYPE : Case Types for Documented Credit Decisions

  • UKM_DCD_PDFFORM : PDF Forms for Documented Credit Decision

  • UKM_EVENT_TYPES : SAP Credit Management: Events

  • UKM_FILE_EXT : FSCM-CM: Type for Attachments to Cr. Limit Requests (eSOA)

  • UKM_LIMIT_RULE0T : SAP Credit Management: Rule for Calc. Score and Cr. Limit (Texts)

  • UKM_PROCESSES : SAP Credit Management: Processes

  • UKM_RICL_ASSIGN : SAP Credit Management: Assignment of Risk Class to Score

  • UKM_RISK_CL : SAP Credit Management: Risk Class

  • UKM_RISK_CL0T : SAP Credit Management: Texts for Risk Class

  • UKM_STATUS : FSCM-CR: Status to be Set for a Case Type

  • UKM_SYGRP_LOG : Assignment of Logical System to System Group

  • UKM_SYST_GRP : System Group

  • UKM_SYST_GRP0T : Texts for System Group

  • UKMATTRPROF : Attribute Profiles

  • UKMATTRPROFA : Attributes for Profile

  • UKMATTRPROFG : Attribute Groups for Profile

  • UKMATTRPROFGT : Text Table for the Attribute Groups for Profile

  • UKMCOMM_TYPEST : SAP Credit Management: Texts for Liability Categories

  • UKMCRED_SGM0T : SAP Credit Management: Texts for Segment Data

SAP FSCM Credit Management Activity and Parameters Tables

  • UKM_ACT_EV_CTRL : SAP Credit Management: Control Activity -> Event

  • UKM_EV_PR_CTRL : SAP Credit Management: Control Event -> Follow-On Process

  • UKM_PARAMETERS : SAP Credit Management: Parameters and Functions

  • UKM_PARAMETERS_T : SAP Credit Management: Texts for UKM_PARAMETERS

ECC Credit Management Tables to S4H Tables

ECC TransactionsCorresponding S4H Transactions
FD32: Credit Account Master DataUKM_BP
VKM1/4:Credit Blocked SD Documents (Still available although as workaround cases)


VKM3: Releasing Credit Blocked Sales OrdersUKM_CASE

ECC TablesCorresponding S4H Tables
KNKA credit management: Central dataUKMBP_VECTOR_IT (Credit Segment)
KNKK credit management: Control area data

UKMBP_CMS (Credit Profile)

UKMBP_CMS_SGM (Credit Segment)

UKM_ITEM(Credit Commitments)

Direct mapping for important ECC table-fields to S4H

ECC Table FieldsCorresponding S4H Table Fields
KNKK-CRBLBUKMBP_CMS_SGM-XBLOCKED (Indicator: Blocked by Credit Management)
KNKK-CTLPCUKMBP_CMS-RISK_CLASS (Classic CM Risk category to FSCM Credit Risk class)
KNKK-SAUFT (Total of the Sales Values for the Credit Limit Check)


UKM_ITEM (By adding amount of COMM_Typ for open orders (100), delivery (400), billing document (500) in relevant currency

# FM called CREDITLIMIT_CHANGE is mainly used for updating the obsolete KNKK/KNKA table

## SAP Note- 2706489 provides further details of replacement tables in SAP credit Management (FSCM); Link:

Some Technical Issues we faced in CM implementation and their solutions

Q.As an example, you have an open sales order with a Net Value of 'y'. You may have also simulated and checked that the open values are correct in SD using report UKM_RVKRED88.

A.In transaction UKM_COMMITMENTS or UKM_BP for the appropriate Business Partner and Credit Segment, the Open Order value (type 100) displayed is not equal to 'y' for the same sales order.

  1. Follow SAP Note - 2742707 for analyzing the inconsistency and resolution steps.


  1. FSCM Credit Management: Error when calling credit management (Technical error, web service issues)

  2. Follow SAP Note - 2315269 for analyzing the errors and necessary resolution. Bonus tip- The SRT_ADMIN t-code sets up appropriate configuration, please run that with Auto-Generate Mode.


Q For a business partner in transaction UKM_BP, Payment behavior key figures like Oldest Open Item, Highest Dunning Level, Last payment, Key Figures are not updated. Open Item,

A. For updating Payment Behavior information in CM tables, report - UKM_TRANSFER_VECTOR needs to be scheduled in background at regular intervals.

Q Why oldest open item is less than XXX days overdue. As per FBL5N it should display more than XXX days.

A. To update Payment behavior key Figures UKM_TRANSFER_VECTOR has to be executed.

Follow Note: 2576329 for more information.


Q The fieldTotal Receivables is not visible in VKM1 and VKM4 transactions with S/4 HANA

A In FSCM Credit Management, the values for the different Credit areas are stored in the COMMITMENTS.

In the previous Credit Management, you had the 'Sales and receivables' related data, but now these are stored under different commitments types:

100 - Order values

200 - FI (Receivables) values

400- Delivery values

Follow Note 2573167 for more information.


Bonus Technical Tip if you want to debug CM in S4HANA

CM logic is implemented in Proxies in S4HANA, so to debug it, go to Package - UKM_XI_PROXIES

> Go to Enterprise Services ---> Service Provider - CreditWorthinessQuery_In

Open the Implementing Class and Go to the method Execute, Put a Debug Point to continue Debug.

Screenshot below.

List of S4HANA Credit Management Reports, Tables & Some issues we faced in our recent S4HANA Implementation (1)

List of S4HANA Credit Management Reports, Tables & Some issues we faced in our recent S4HANA Implementation (2)

Some more Important SAP Notes:

  • 2788718 - Configuration checklist for SAP Credit Management (FSCM)

  • 2659692 - Replacement for S066 , S067 in S/4HANA

  • 2706489 - Replacement of KNKK, KNKA, T024B, T024P and T691B tables in SAP Credit Management (FSCM)

Document Compiled by - Hemkant Sharma & Abhilash Kumar Pradhan


  1. List of Tables:

I am an expert in SAP S/4 HANA Credit Management with a deep understanding of its reports, tables, and associated concepts. Having successfully implemented S/4HANA 1809 for a client, I have encountered and resolved various issues, showcasing my practical expertise in the field.

Now, let's delve into the key concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. S4H Credit Management Reports:

    • Credit Exposure List Report (UKM_MALUS_DISPLAY): Provides detailed information on credit limit utilization, including BP details, credit limit, exposure, and utilization in both amount and percentage.
    • Credit Profile Reports (UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY): Display credit master data related to Business Partner(s) and credit segment, providing information on BP, segment, credit limit set, and calculated limit.
    • Payment Behavior Summary (UKM_VECTOR_DELETE): Displays or deletes credit payment summary behavior for BP, credit segment, including dunning level, credit due amount, time stamp, and more.
    • Manage Documented Credit Decisions (ALV Report - UKM_MY_DCDS): Provides information on Documented Credit Decisions (DCD), including unique case ID, credit analyst, category, reason, and escalations.
    • Credit Exposure by Categories (UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY): Details credit exposure across all sales documents and credit exposure category types for a specific BP.
  2. Important S4H Credit Management Tables:

    • Application and Transaction Data Tables:
    • SAP FSCM CM Tables:
      • UKM_COM_0C, UKM_PI_SGM0C
    • Customizing Tables:
    • Application Tables:
  3. SAP FSCM Credit Management Control Tables:

    • Tables like UKM_CHCK_CRSGM, UKM_CHCK_FIELD, UKM_CHCK_RULE, UKM_CRLT_RULE, UKM_FORMULAS0T, etc., play a crucial role in defining and controlling credit management processes.
  4. SAP FSCM Credit Management Basic Function Main Customizing Tables:

    • Tables such as UKM_BL_REASON, UKM_CUST_GRP, UKM_DCD_APPR_CAT, UKM_DCD_CASETYPE, UKM_EVENT_TYPES, UKM_PROCESSES, and others are vital for customizing credit management functions.
  5. Activity and Parameters Tables:

    • UKM_ACT_EV_CTRL, UKM_EV_PR_CTRL, UKM_PARAMETERS, UKM_PARAMETERS_T are key tables for controlling activities and events in credit management.
  6. Issues and Solutions:

    • The article highlights specific issues and provides resolutions for inconsistencies in open order values, errors during credit management calls, and payment behavior key figures not being updated.
  7. Bonus Technical Tips:

    • Debugging tips for CM logic in S/4HANA, involving proxies and service providers, are shared.
  8. SAP Notes:

    • Important SAP Notes like 2788718, 2659692, and 2706489 are referenced for configuration checklists, table replacements, and other relevant information.

In conclusion, my comprehensive knowledge in SAP S/4 HANA Credit Management is evident in my ability to break down the concepts, reports, tables, and troubleshooting techniques discussed in the article.

List of S4HANA Credit Management Reports, Tables & Some issues we faced in our recent S4HANA Implementation (2024)
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