Kpic Roseburg Oregon News (2024)

In the heart of Oregon lies the picturesque city of Roseburg, where life bustles with a unique charm. And when it comes to staying updated with the latest happenings in Roseburg, KPIC is the go-to source for residents and beyond. From breaking news to community events, KPIC keeps everyone informed and connected. Let's dive into the vibrant world of KPIC Roseburg, Oregon news.

1. The Essence of KPIC Roseburg

At KPIC, delivering quality news is more than just a job; it's a commitment to the community. With a team of dedicated journalists, KPIC brings stories to life, capturing the essence of Roseburg and its surroundings. Whether it's highlighting local businesses, covering events, or reporting on important issues, KPIC is deeply rooted in the fabric of Roseburg.

2. Unveiling the Latest Headlines

Stay ahead of the curve with KPIC's latest headlines. From breaking news alerts to in-depth investigative reports, KPIC covers it all. Whether you're interested in local politics, community events, or sports updates, KPIC delivers timely and accurate news that matters to Roseburg residents.

3. Connecting Communities

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. KPIC serves as a bridge between communities, fostering dialogue and understanding. Through its comprehensive coverage, KPIC brings people together, sparking conversations and creating a sense of unity in Roseburg and beyond.

4. Spotlight on Local Events

From festivals to fundraisers, Roseburg is home to a vibrant array of events. KPIC shines a spotlight on these gatherings, keeping residents informed about what's happening in their backyard. Whether it's a cultural celebration or a charity drive, KPIC ensures that no event goes unnoticed.

5. Investigative Journalism at Its Finest

Digging deep into the heart of stories, KPIC's investigative journalism uncovers truths that matter. From exposing corruption to shedding light on social issues, KPIC holds those in power accountable and advocates for positive change. Through relentless pursuit of the truth, KPIC remains a trusted source for investigative reporting in Roseburg.

6. Weather Updates You Can Trust

Planning your day in Roseburg? Turn to KPIC for accurate weather updates you can trust. Whether it's sunshine or showers, KPIC's meteorologists provide detailed forecasts to help you prepare for whatever Mother Nature has in store. From weekend getaways to daily commutes, KPIC keeps you informed about the weather conditions in Roseburg and beyond.

7. Education and Awareness

Knowledge is power, and KPIC is committed to empowering the community through education and awareness. From health tips to environmental issues, KPIC covers a wide range of topics aimed at informing and educating Roseburg residents. Through informative segments and thought-provoking articles, KPIC encourages lifelong learning and personal growth.

8. Celebrating Diversity

Roseburg is a melting pot of cultures, and KPIC celebrates this diversity through its coverage of multicultural events and stories. From cultural festivals to immigrant experiences, KPIC highlights the rich tapestry of life in Roseburg, fostering understanding and appreciation for different backgrounds and traditions.

9. Sports Updates for the Enthusiasts

For sports enthusiasts in Roseburg, KPIC is the ultimate destination for the latest updates and highlights. Whether you're a fan of high school football or college basketball, KPIC covers local sports with passion and dedication. From game scores to player profiles, KPIC keeps you in the loop with everything sports-related in Roseburg.

10. Community Engagement

At KPIC, community engagement is more than just a buzzword; it's a way of life. From town hall meetings to volunteer opportunities, KPIC encourages active participation and civic engagement. By amplifying voices and sharing stories from the community, KPIC fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among Roseburg residents.


In a world filled with noise, KPIC Roseburg, Oregon news stands out as a beacon of truth and integrity. With its unwavering commitment to quality journalism and community service, KPIC continues to inform, inspire, and connect the residents of Roseburg and beyond.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I submit a news tip or story idea to KPIC? To submit a news tip or story idea to KPIC, simply visit their website and look for the "Contact Us" section. You can email your tip to the editorial team or call their newsroom hotline to share your information.

2. Does KPIC offer advertising opportunities for local businesses? Yes, KPIC offers advertising opportunities for local businesses looking to reach the Roseburg community. Whether you're interested in traditional advertising or digital marketing solutions, KPIC's advertising team can help tailor a strategy to suit your needs and budget.

3. Can I watch KPIC news online if I'm not in Roseburg? Yes, KPIC offers live streaming of its news broadcasts on its website, allowing viewers from outside Roseburg to stay updated with the latest news and events in the area. Simply visit the KPIC website during scheduled news hours to access the live stream.

4. Does KPIC cover only local news, or does it also report on national and international events? While KPIC primarily focuses on local news and events in Roseburg and the surrounding areas, it also provides coverage of significant national and international events that impact the community. KPIC aims to provide a well-rounded news experience for its audience, encompassing both local and global perspectives.

5. Is KPIC affiliated with any national news networks or organizations? Yes, KPIC is an affiliate of a national news network, which allows it to access resources and coverage from a broader network while still maintaining its focus on local news and community issues. This affiliation enhances KPIC's ability to provide comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage to its audience in Roseburg.

Kpic Roseburg Oregon News (2024)


Why move to Roseburg Oregon? ›

The city is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, including the Umpqua National Forest, the Cascade Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean, all of which are easily accessible from Roseburg. The area is known for its abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Does it rain a lot in Roseburg, Oregon? ›

Roseburg averages 30.7 inches (779.8 mm) of rain per year, more than half of which falls between November and January. The wettest "rain year" has been from July 1955 to June 1956 with 50.29 inches (1,277.4 mm) and the driest from July 2000 to June 2001 with only 18.43 inches (468.1 mm).

Does Roseburg, Oregon have a homeless problem? ›

Many Roseburg households are at risk of losing their housing and becoming homeless. The population at greatest risk includes 1,897 households with annual incomes below $20,000 who are paying more than 30% of their income on housing costs.

What is the racial makeup of Roseburg Oregon? ›

White alone, percent 89.0%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 0.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 0.7%
Asian alone, percent(a) 1.4%
57 more rows

What is Roseburg, Oregon famous for? ›

A timber town for much of the twentieth century, Roseburg calls itself the “Timber Capital of the Nation.” While timber remains a part of the culture and economy, the city has reinvented itself to become a regional center for healthcare, tourism, and viticulture.

What is the average cost of living in Roseburg Oregon? ›

The total cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities for a single adult in Roseburg is $33,519 a year — less than the annual cost of living for Oregon of $39,787 and less than the national figure of $38,433.

Is it expensive to live in Roseburg Oregon? ›

Based on our Roseburg cost of living calculator, Roseburg is 10% less expensive than the national average and 15% less expensive to live in than the average city in Oregon. This assumes a $72,000 annual salary and a 2 Bedroom Apt. Food costs in Roseburg are more affordable than average in the United States.

What is special about Roseburg, Oregon? ›

Roseburg is located in the heart the Land of Umpqua, an area famous for fishing, rafting and waterfalls. But within the city is a rich backstory, with historic districts, museums and even historic wineries revealing a past to celebrate.

Is it expensive to live in Roseburg, Oregon? ›

Based on our Roseburg cost of living calculator, Roseburg is 10% less expensive than the national average and 15% less expensive to live in than the average city in Oregon. This assumes a $72,000 annual salary and a 2 Bedroom Apt. Food costs in Roseburg are more affordable than average in the United States.

Is Roseburg or a safe place to live? ›

With a crime rate of 52 per one thousand residents, Roseburg has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 19.

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