Death Note: 10 Best Quotes Of Light (2024)

Light Yagami is one of thegreatest serial killers ever written. After getting his hands on a notebook that gives him the power to kill, he tries to take control of the world and become a God by murdering criminals. Fans of the series have mixed feelings about Light, just like the other characters in the books. Some agree with his ideals and think that he is a hero while others agree with his opponents and think that he should be stopped.

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Throughout the manga, Light has said some very impactful words that fans still remember. Being both Kira and L as the story progressed and needing to maintain his casual identity, he always has something very meaningful to say.

10 "In Human Society, There Are Very Few People Who Truly Trust Each Other."

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When the series began, Ryuk didn't understand how humans acted. Light explained to him that due to a lack of trust between L and the police, the two would secretly be against each other while only pretending to be on the same side in order to catch Kira. Light and hoped that the police would uncover L's identity and that he would be able to kill him when they did.

9 "I'll See That Kira Gets The Death Penalty. I Swear It."

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While Light is actually Kira, he had to keep his identity a secret no matter the cost. Luckily for him, his father, Soichiro, was the chief of the NPA. Light knew every move that the police made by hacking into Soichiro's computer, giving him a huge advantage. When Soichiro talked to his family about the case, Light told him that he would avenge him if Kira killed him.

8 "I've Never Been So Humiliated In My Entire Life."

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Fans were surprised when L pretended to be a student at Light's college. They were almost as shocked as the serial killer when L casually revealed his identity to him. Light had to pretend to respect L but was actually infuriated. When he got home, he screamed these words and told Ryuk how he would be unable to kill L since it would raise suspicions of him being Kira.

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There were few times where Light showed his true emotions but when they come out, they are incredibly powerful. This was one of those times.

7 "Get Rid Of It."

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Deciding to get rid of his notebook in orderto save Misa and make himself look innocent, Light had L confine him. After planning how he would get the notebook back and everything that he would do with his memories gone, Light eventually said these words to Ryuk. Telling Ryuk part of his plan ahead of time, Ryuk returned to the Shinigami Realm and Light lost his memories of being Kira. After months, the two would reunite.

6 "I'm Ridding The World Of Evil And Creating A Utopia. No Matter How Much Time I Have, It Won't Be Enough."

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Ryuk was shocked at how many names Light wrote down in his notebook in a short period of time. Light explains that he has to kill criminals as quickly as possible if he wants his dream to become a reality. These are some of the most honest words Light had ever said as no matter how close he came to reaching his goal, the world went back to the way it was once he died.

5 "Dad, Write His Name! Use All The Strength You've Got Left And Write His Name! Don't Let Him Keep Getting The Better Of You Like This!"

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When Light wanted to kill Mello, he had planned for Matsuda to gain the Shinigami Eyes, find out Mello's true name, and write it into the notebook. However, Soichiro was the one who ended up making the deal. He gained the power to see people's names and lifespans. When he came face to face with Mello, he hesitated to write his name. Mello blew up his headquarters, which is where they were at the time, and Soichiro was sent to the hospital. As he died, Light tried to get his father to write Mello's name. He passed away in moments, but was happy to see Light's lifespan, believing that his son wasn't Kira.

4 "I've Never Once Considered Finding That Notebook And Gaining This Power A Misfortune. In Fact, It's Made Me Happier Than I've Ever Been."

The moment he died wasn't the only time Soichiro was a patient in the hospital. Shortly after Light met L, the chief had a heart attack. However, since he didn't die, they learned that his condition was a result of not taking care of himself. At the hospital, the three talked about Kira. Soichiro and L agreed that the power to kill was evil and that anyone with that power was unfortunate. When Light left them,he told Ryuk how wrong they were and that getting the notebook was the best thing to ever happen to him.

3 "I Win, Near."

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Finally ready to take over the world, Light had a plan to defeat Near, the SPK, and the task force. He knew exactly what Near was going to do and made sure he would defeat his opponent. When Teru Mikami wrote everyone's name in the notebook except for Kira, Light thought that he had won and announced his victory.

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However, none of his victims were killed and Near revealed that there was more to his plan than Light believed. Kira was finally defeated.

2 "I'll Make You Trust Me. And When You've Told Me Everything I Need To Know, I'll Kill You."

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When L met Light, he pretended that he wanted to be his friend. Light, however, knew that this was just a way for L to keep an eye on him. After thinking things through, Light decided that it would also benefit him to fake his friendship. He talked to himself about exactly howhe would kill L now that the two of them met.

1 "I Am Righteous! I'm The Hero Who's Liberating People From Fear. I'm The Savior Who's Going To Be Like A God Of This Perfect New World!

Death Note: 10 Best Quotes Of Light (10)

If there is one thing about Light that never changed, it was how strongly he believed that he was the embodiment of justice. In the beginning of the series, L had a criminal pretend to be him. Light wrote Lind L. Tailor's name down and learned that he had given L a huge advantage. Furious at how he was tricked and that his opponent called him evil, Light screamed at his television about how heroic he is. Though he got calmer as the series progressed, he always kept this mindset, even as Ryuk wrote his name.

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Death Note: 10 Best Quotes Of Light (2024)
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